Kristen and Andrew

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UPDATE: Despite COVID-19 changing up all their plans, Kristen and Andrew decided to get married in a small ceremony on their original wedding date. It was an incredibly special day, but Andrew and Kristen could not be more excited to share their vows (again) and celebrate safely with everyone this year!


Kristen and Andrew met in Fall of 2011 during the first month of Kristen's freshman year at Boston College (Andrew's sophomore year). Although Kristen did not know this at the time, the first time they met, Andrew disliked Kristen.

Andrew had spent his summer taking a class to become a licensed Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). He was very excited to work the 2nd football game of the year for "Eagle EMS". Andrew figured that, being a sophomore, he would surely be in charge of the two freshman girls assigned to his team. Being "in charge" meant having the radio and he was excited to have one. Unfortunately for Andrew, the two freshman girls (one being Kristen) had been EMTs in high school and were given radios and truthfully put in charge of him. For this absurd reason, Andrew disliked them both.

Kristen has a very different side of the story. Although she was a more experienced EMT, she was actually just a petrified freshman who was very homesick and had been dropped off at the football game by her mom, who waited for her shift to be over to bring her back home. Kristen only remembers that she cried all the way to that shift and couldn't wait to go home. She does not remember the apparently very mad guy on her team.

Fast forward a few years, Kristen and Andrew stayed in Eagle EMS and became really close friends. Eventually, Kristen became his "boss" in the organization and covered for him when he inevitably forgot to do his officer duties. They talked every day and some of Kristen's friends asked if anything was going on with them, but she said they were only friends.

Towards the end of Andrew's senior year, Kristen went to Andrew's "mod" for a party and some liquid courage allowed Andrew to tell Kristen that he would like them to be more than friends. A few days later, on April Fool's day, they planned to go on their first date, but ended up spending the night in the ED when Andrew thought he broke his arm (he did not, in fact, break his arm).

From the very beginning, Kristen and Andrew's relationship was easy. They loved exploring Boston, trying out new restaurants and ordering dessert delivery to their little apartment behind Fenway park. After Andrew got accepted to medical school in NY, constant phone calls, texts and trips back and forth made the distance manageable. The years weren't always easy, but they were always worth it.

On May 4th, 2019, Andrew turned off his iPhone location services (they share locations mostly so Andrew can shame Kristen for going to Monument Restaurant 4x in one week) and drove without GPS from NY to Boston to surprise Kristen at the Boston Public Library and asked her to marry him. She obviously said yes.

Kristen is glad Andrew doesn't hate her anymore, and Andrew is glad Kristen has committed to keeping track of his responsibilities for the rest of their lives.

All jokes aside, Kristen and Andrew feel very lucky to have each other as partners in life, love and the pursuit of really good food.
Jennifer Postorino