Our Minimony

November 14, 2020

Around May 2020, it became pretty clear that the wedding we had planned for 2020 was probably not going to happen.

We made the decision to postpone, but we felt that after 6+ years together, an impending move to Washington, DC and two (very) dependent furry creatures, we just didn't want to wait another year to get married.

(Let's be honest, Kristen doesn't need much of a reason to buy a new outfit and she promised Andrew he could buy a "cool blue suit".)

We planned approximately five iterations of what our wedding would look like and in the end, managed to squeeze in a small ceremony right at the Lenox Hotel where we will celebrate again this year.

Kristen's dad got a 1-day marriage license and officiated the wedding. Andrew's father played the piano and learned Cannon in D the night before the wedding on his pillow. Kristen's mom was her unofficial "bridesmaid" and they walked down the aisle together. Andrew's mother walked him down the aisle and Andrew's brother Kyle presented the rings. Most importantly, Ricky wore a pinstripe suit and really stole the show.

It was not anywhere close to the day we had imagine, but it was special none-the-less. It was filled with love, laughter and Kristen crying basically from the moment she arrived at the Lenox.

We feel incredibly grateful for this celebration and to have had this day with some of the people that mean the most to us. In what was an overwhelmingly challenging year, it was the brightest spot and we can't wait to return to the same place and celebrate again!
Jennifer Postorino